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SAP STAR PROGRAM l Graduates l Apply Now!


Hey, Jobseekers! Are you aspiring to excel in the dynamic field of software engineering? If so, the SAP STAR Program is your undeniable ticket to success. For students embarking on the journey towards a Master’s degree in Software Engineering at BITS Pilani, this program presents an extraordinary opportunity poised to transform your academic pursuit into a thriving career at SAP Labs India.


SAP Star Description

SAP Student Training and Rotation (SAP STAR) program. A Vocational Training program in India. Its exceptional approach stands out as a beacon of opportunity for students seeking to carve a successful path in their careers. Here are some Key highlights of this program practical skill development in fields like IT and business operations, financial support through paid training, an industry-relevant curriculum, job placement assistance, rotational training for diverse experience, potential for career advancement, and its contribution to India’s skilled workforce. This program serves as a valuable stepping stone for students, preparing them for successful careers in a competitive job market.

Eligibility Criteria for SAP STAR Program

  • Candidates must have completed their 10th and 12th classes from a recognized board with a minimum of 60% to be eligible for admission.
  • Eligibility Requirements for 2-Year Program
  • To qualify for a 2-year program, you must meet specific eligibility criteria related to your educational background. Following are the requirements for candidates with a B.E/B.Tech degree in Computer Science, IT, or Electronics. You should have scored a minimum of 70% in your B.E/B.Tech degree program.
  • Eligibility Requirements for 4-Year Program
  • To qualify for a 4-year program, You must hold a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) or Bachelor of ComputerĀ Applications (BCA) degree with specializations in one of the following fields: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or Electronics. To be eligible for this program, you must have to achieve a minimum aggregate score of 70% in your B.Sc/BCA degree program.

Application Process

  • Online written Test: The aptitude exam includes three key sections: Logical, Quantitative, and Programming. The exam includes coding questions for candidates to demonstrate problem-solving and coding skills.
  • The selection process consists of four rounds, with each round being crucial for the elimination. These include 2 Technical rounds, 1 Managerial round, and 1 HR round.
  • Technical Interview: There will be 2 rounds of technical interview. In both rounds, there is an elimination process. The interviewer will ask about your computing expertise, programming knowledge, coding skills, DSA, database knowledge, SDLC, etc. during the interview.
  • Managerial round: It is an interview with an interactive round. The interviewer will discuss your computer knowledge and Microsoft Word proficiency.
  • HR Interview: The HR personnel will inquire you about various aspects, including your resume, your motivation behind pursuing the course, and an in-depth conversation about your projects. This open dialogue serves as an opportunity for you to eloquently convey your experiences, aspirations, and the significance of the course to your career goals.


  • You’ll actively participate in rotational group work and engage in numerous campus activities and events throughout the years. This involvement will enrich your campus experience and foster connections within the community.

For 4 year program

  • SAP offers a starting salary of Rs 23,000 in your first year, with a guaranteed 10% annual increment. Moreover, they will cover your tuition fees for the academic year. Upon entering the third year, your salary increases to Rs 25,000, and tuition expenses continue to be covered, ensuring financial support and growth throughout your tenure. This ensures financial support and growth throughout your tenure.
  • Students who excel during their initial two years may be offered permanent positions at SAP. Similarly, exceptional performance at the end of the second business rotation could lead to permanent roles, within the organization. These opportunities depend on individual accomplishments and contributions within the company.

For 2 year program

  • The students who are enrolled will experience zero out-of-pocket expenses. SAP’s compensation package begins at INR 35,000 in the first year and escalates by 10% in the second year. Moreover, SAP covers the full tuition fees for the academic program, ensuring financial support throughout your tenure.
  • After finishing the 2-year program with outstanding performance, students may get offers for permanent positions at SAP. These offers depend on how well they’ve done, potentially leading to long-term roles at the company.
  • The SAP will sponsor your higher education, specifically an M. Tech in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. This sponsorship program offers a great chance for those who want to boost their careers. With SAP’s support, you can pursue an advanced degree, gain specialized knowledge, and improve your skills in software engineering. It’s a strong foundation for your future career growth.

Tips for Interview:

  • Show confidence and enthusiasm during interviews. Avoid last-minute cramming.
  • Explain your thought process when answering questions.
  • Be honest on your resume; only include what you’re sure of.
  • If unfamiliar with a topic, openly admit it to the interviewer.

How to Apply

  • Read the given details carefully.
  • Prepare your resume.
  • Click on the given link.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Select the course program according to your Graduation Degree.
  • Select the position and the place where you want this job.
  • Upload your resume.
  • Before submitting the application form review the form.
  • Submit the application


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