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Internship in the Department of Forest and Wildlife

Internship in the Department of Forest and Wildlife
Internship in the Department of Forest and Wildlife

Hey Future Interns! Department of Forest and Wildlife is offering exciting Internship opportunities. Joining this government organization not only opens doors for a fantastic experience but also gives your career a boost, especially if you’re a fresh graduate eager to kickstart your professional journey. If you’re eligible to apply. Don’t miss out on this chance – read the article apply and for the role that suits you best.


About Internship in the Department of Forest and Wildlife:

The Department of Forest and Wildlife offers an Internship Scheme exclusively for students. This opportunity is open to students from recognized schools and universities. To be eligible, students need to provide a clear Statement of Purpose for the internship. The scheme covers various fields, including Science, Forestry, Ecology, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Commerce, Economics, Management, Law, and Higher Secondary education. Students must be 18 years or older to apply for this exciting internship experience.

Eligibility for Internship:

This internship is for students studying in recognized schools, institutions, and universities. Having a clear Statement of Purpose is preferred, and you should be at least 18 years old.

For those studying Science, Forestry, Ecology, Computer Science, or Electronic Engineering, you should be in the second year or above of your Bachelor’s degree or in an integrated 5-year course. Higher Secondary students in the science stream are also eligible.

If you’re pursuing Commerce, Economics, or Management courses, whether in BA/B.Sc/MA/M.Sc (Economics), a 5-year integrated degree program in Economics, or an MBA, you’re considered.

Law students should be in their second and third year of a Bachelor’s degree or second year and above in the integrated five-year course. LLM students are also welcome.

For Higher Secondary students, you should be in the science or commerce stream.

Duration of Internship:

The internship usually lasts up to 90 days, but if a candidate is doing substantial work that needs more time, the PCCF may extend it by one month.

Application date:

Apply at least 3 months before your preferred internship period

Apply process:

  1. Visit the Department of Forests and Wildlife, GNCTD website for internship applications.
  2. Clearly state your area of interest.
  3. You can apply for a maximum of 3 disciplines.
  4. Write a short statement (up to 1000 words) explaining why you’re interested, how your skills fit the domain, and what you hope to contribute.
  5. The final internship topic and domain will be decided by the Research Advisory Committee based on the department’s needs.
  6. Submit documents showing your qualifications or enrollment in an educational institute, and any additional skills you have.
  7. If selected, provide a letter from your Supervisor/Head of Department/Principal, if applicable, confirming your status and granting permission for the internship.
  8. Incomplete or non-compliant applications will be rejected.
  9. Those who have already completed an internship with the department won’t be considered.
  10. You can find the application form format in Annexure II. Apply and best of luck!

Terms and Conditions for selection:

  • Each guide (Officers of the rank ACF and above) can have a maximum of 10 interns at a time.
  • Interns need to write a paper about their work on natural resources management and its relevance to the Department.
  • They might be asked to participate in related activities like training and research.
  • A senior officer will be assigned as a guide to each intern.
  • The intern’s work will be the Department’s property, and they can’t use it without approval.
  • Interns should follow the Department’s rules during the internship.
  • The guide will keep track of attendance and work supervision.
  • Conduct and data access responsibility lies with the guide.
  • The internship may end if the intern’s performance is not satisfactory.
  • There’s no job guarantee after the internship.
  • The Department can review the internship scheme anytime and update it on the website.

Logistics & Support:

Facilities like transportation to work site, printing of study material, etc. required for successful completion to internship shall be provided by the Department.


At the end of the successful completion of internship, the interns will be awarded a “Certificate Along with a grading based on the performance of the intern.


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