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Accenture | Career Reboot Program for Women | Apply Now


Hey Job Seekers! There are a billion amazing job opportunities for women out there today but most of us are unable to grab these because of a career gap. A lot of us have to go through many struggles due to these gaps and miss out on jobs that could have been a game changer for our career. Well, to solve this issue, we are bringing you an ultimate solution for this. The Accenture Career Reboot Program for Women. If you are a women who is finding a way to get back to work after a long career gap, this is it for you. Check it out and enroll today!


What is Accenture Career Reboot Program for Women?

Accenture Career Reboot Program for Women is an exclusive initiative tailored for women seeking to re-enter the workforce after a career break. This program is an integral part of the Vaahini network, committed to empowering women. By joining, you’ll access a range of resources to foster your all-round development. Through this progra, you will gain access to resources that will be valuable for your comprehensive growth and make you capable enough to retuen to your work life.

What is in the Accenture Career Reboot Program for Women for you?

This unique program encompasses:

  • a thoughtfully curated assortment of training modules
  • hands-on experiential learning platforms
  • top-tier online resources
  • skill-oriented mentorship

You will be under the guidance of the Sponsor of the Career Reboot program and HR Service Delivery Lead at Accenture India, Rinku Kaul.

Who can apply:

  • All women who have a career gap of 24 months or more can apply.

Roles under the program:

Accenture Career Reboot Program for Women comes with two offers:

  • Full-time roles
  • Internships

This means you are completely free to choose whether you want to do a full time role under the program or be a part of the internship.

Fields under the program:

Four fields that you can master by being a part this program are:

  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Corporate Functions

How to apply?

  • Click on the link given below.
  • Read through the details of the Career Reboot Program.
  • If you’re not already registered on the website, you might need to create an account.
  • Enter information about your previous work experience, including roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments.
  • Indicate the details of your career break, including the duration and reason for the break.
  • Upload your updated resume.
  • Review the information you’ve entered and make any necessary corrections. Once you’re satisfied, submit your application.


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