5 Programs for Women to Return to Workforce

Hey Diligent Women! Starting a family or getting married should not stop you from working and pursuing your passion at all. From the very beginning, men have always outnumbered women in the work field. But in recent times it can be seen that women are coming forward in every sphere of life to get numerous work opportunities. A lot of firms in India have taken up the initiative to make their organizations a better place for women to work. These programs are specially launched for women who are facing difficulties due to the employment gap. Here are 5 programs for women to return to the workforce. So what are you waiting for? All the details regarding the companies launching these programs and job roles provided by them are given below. Do check it out and register yourself today. HURRY UP!

5 Programs for Women to bring them back Workforce

1.Accenture Career Reboot for Women.

Accenture is launching an amazing career development program for women. This is specially designed for those women who haven’t been able to work for a long time now. Under this Accenture program, a lot of women candidates will be provided work opportunities according to their capabilities and potential.

Accenture has already been proved as one of the top companies that provide a safe and comfortable working space for women employees. It has grabbed the number one spot for the Top Companies for Working Women in India that too consistently for two years. So, grab your seat as an employee in Accenture today!

2.Rebegin Program of TCS

TCS is launching a program for women too. It aims at women who have a considerably long employment gap leaving an inappropriate impression on their resumes. As the program name suggests, this will act as a new or rebeginning for every female candidate out there who wants to have a strong comeback.

Despite a career gap, you can get your work-life back with the help of this impeccable program. Job Opportunities like Mulesoft Developer, TIBCO Developer, Informatica Developer, and more. All are available for women employees under this program. It will surely act as a great opportunity in your career.

3.Amazon Rekindle Program

Another great initiative in line! Just like many other big organizations, Amazon too has launched its Rekindle Program. This program particularly focuses on women who have a career gap of at least 12 months. Talking about some special features of this program, then it includes, on-boarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options, and on-the-job learning.

Amazon will provide you with a perfect job role according to your skillset. Not only this but will also help you get all prepped for your interview just before the Amazon Interview Process. After giving the interview successfully, you will get placed in the firm with a full-time job in your hand.

4.Google Next Innings

Google is not behind any other companies when it comes to taking steps for female candidates. This Google Next Innings is an amazing program that focuses on bringing back women to the workforce.

Although Google is looking for something more in particular. It is in search of a Computer Science Graduate for the role of Software Engineer in their company. Right now, recruitment under the Next Innings Program is targeting to gather female talent from the areas of Hyderabad and Bengaluru. All in all your work would revolve around Google Cloud Storage, data analytics, cloud security, etc. It is a Full time paid program that would go on for 6 months. This is perfect for all experienced women in the same field.

5.Thoughtsworks Vapasi

Thoughtworks is here to help women technologists who are experienced but are facing hindrances due to their career gap. This program would specifically go on for 3 weeks that is from March 2, 2022 – March 23, 2022. It was one of the best 5 programs for Women to Return to the Workforce.

This is a perfect chance for all the female candidates who have a career break of 1 to 2 years with experience of a couple of years as a software developer. February 18, 2022, is the last date to register yourself under this program as mentioned by Thoughtworks. Don’t miss this great opportunity to work as a technical trainer. Do apply before the last date!

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